Bharatiyam Cultural Multiplex

The Bharatiyam Cultural Multiplex is situated at IB- 201, Sector III, Salt Lake City, Kolkata 700 106. The facilities available include:

Purbashsree (Main Auditorium)

Air conditioned auditorium measuring 7850 sq.ft, having a capacity for over 900 persons. The interiors of the auditorium are decorated with folk paintings and handicrafts from all over the country.

Rang Manch (Open Air Theatre)

Open Air Theatre measuring 4000 sq.ft with a seating capacity for about 400 people.Stone sculptures from Eastern India decorate the backdrop of the stage.

Naat Ghar (Studio Theatre)

Air conditioned Studio Theatre measuring 1200 sq.ft, has a capacity for over 100 persons. Ideal for Lecture Demonstrations and Stage Rehearsals.

Sobha Ghar (Art Gallery)

The air conditioned Art Gallery measures 850 sq. ft. The exhibition wall is provided with track lighting. Part of the Art Gallery houses EZCC's large collection of art from all over the country. The remaining area can be used by artists to display their paintings for exhibitions.

Karmashala-I and II (Workshop Rooms)

The air conditioned Workshop Rooms measuring 610 sq.ft each are used by the EZCC to hold a variety of workshops on different genres of music and dance, theatre, mime, non performing arts etc.

Kala Mandap

The open air space measuring 4270 sq.ft is ideal for holding crafts fairs and other festivals. Beautiful sculptures and panels done in Terracota work made by eminent artists give the place the perfect ambience.

The Sabha Ghar

A seminar room with a seating capacity of 100 people, beautifully decorated with folk paintings from all over the country.

Food Court

The open air Food Court measuring 2000 sq. ft. has an ethnic background and is an ideal place for hosting Food Festivals. The adjoining cafeteria is a popular meeting place for artistes and intellectuals.