Kolkata Theatre Festival

Theatre Festivals are amongst the earliest types of festivals. Classical Greek Theatre was associated with religious festivals dedicated to Dionysia, called the City Dionysia. The medieval mystery plays were presented at the major Christian feasts. Theatre, as an everyday part of life is a comparatively recent phenomenon.

In recent years, theatre festivals have been established to promote various types of theatre and to promote the work of beginning playwrights and performers. EZCC has organized the Kolkata Theatre Festival in 2018 at various districts including Bharatiyam, Salt Lake Kolkata. This is the first time this festival was decentralized and spread over Gobardanga, Naihati, Madhyamgram, Amta, Haldia, Berhampore, Santiniketan, Jalpaiguri, Mukhliganj. 255 troupes performed, most of whom were grant recipients. The inaugural programme was held at Bharatiyam, in presence of eminent actor and SNA awardees- Shri Manoj Mitra, Shri Bibhas Chakrabarty, Shri Meghnad Bhattacharya, Shri Prithwish Rana and Shri Rudraprasad Sengupta.

In 2019, The festival was organized at Purbasree Bharatiyam , Kolkata. The theatres performed by renowned artistes and groups were - Ghatak Bidai by Shyambazar Mukhomukhi - Dir.Poulomi Chattopadhyay; Ratan Sir by Bohurupee; Dir. Debesh Roy Chowdhary; Punorutthan by Sayak - Dir. Meghnad Bhattacharya; Bryatikrom by Nandikar - Dir Rudraprasad Sengupta; Athoi Jal by Purba Paschim, Dir Ujjwal Chattopadhyay and Rajrakta by Annya Theatre - Dir Bibhash Chakrabarty.

This festival is a regular feature in the annual calendar of EZCC and is one of its most well attended programmes. Such performances and exposure has the power to inspire greater social responsibility, leading to personal, social and community benefit.