Safeguarding and Strengthening of Vanishing Arts

The main objective of the scheme is to safeguard and strengthen the vanishing folk and tribal art forms of the zone. Under the scheme, the following programme has been drawn out:

1. To conduct special survey and research on folk and tribal arts in the member states of EZCC.
2. Special documentation and digitalisation of vanishing art form.
3. Training and workshops of vanishing art forms.
A series of workshops on rare musical instruments have been conducted including Champreng (Tripura), Pena, Tintella (Manipur), Dhamsa (Jharkhand), Mridang (Bihar), Pakhawaj (Odisha), Rabha Kham (Assam), Dotara (West Bengal) and Gaine Sarangi (Sikkim). The special documentation on Suknani Ojhapali was conducted at Sipajhar, Assam.

State wise special survey and research on folk and tribal arts, workshops of musical instruments and special documentation of vanishing art forms have been organized.