Theatre Rejuvenation

Theatre as per Bharat Muni's Natya Shastra is a complete art form, which imbibes dance, drama, music, architecture and visual arts. It has played a major role to build a creative atmosphere in the society and personality development for the people at large. It is proved that theatre has played a significant role in the world history. Through this scheme, the Eastern Zonal Cultural Centre provides an opportunity to the theatre workers to stage their plays and to interact with each other on a common platform. The main objective of organizing such festivals is to provide an opportunity to the theatre workers, students, actors, directors and writers etc. to perform on common platform and to interact with each other. This helps to understand the various kinds of theatre forms and their productions exposing them to popularize theatre among the urban masses.

The following programmes have been formulated under the theatre rejuvenation scheme:

1. Contemporary, Experimental & Traditional Theatre Festivals
2. Intensive Theatre Workshops
3. Interactive Sessions and Seminars
4. Special Documentation of Endangered Folk and Traditional Theatre Forms.